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Tobion commented Jun 13, 2013

I have a windows maschine and a CentOs vagrant box. I need to update vendors on the box because since symfony 2.3 the installed ICU component depends on the available intl extension. So it creates symlinks for the scripts in bin/. But they don't work on windows.
So when I for example use the as pre commit hook, I cannot commit locally because bin/phpcs does not work.

Before symfony 2.3 it wasn't a problem because it didn't matter whether I update vendors locally or on the box. But now you basically cannot use both environments equally.

So I hope there is a way to make bin/ scripts work across OS.


Seldaek commented Jun 13, 2013

I am not sure how this relates to symfony 2.3. If you do it on windows, you'll get a proxy shell script instead of a symlink, which should make it work on your VM as well.


Tobion commented Jun 13, 2013

Well, as I said, I cannot run composer update on Windows because it would install the wrong ICU version. I have to run it in the vagrant box. But then the scripts are symlinks which wont work locally again.
Its about composer update, not install.

jaypea commented Jun 13, 2013

the basic problem are symlink don't work on windows as they work on *nux.
but windows does have symlinks. read this: mitchellh/vagrant#713


Seldaek commented Jan 1, 2014

I think the only way to fix this is to avoid symlinks on linux and to also create so-called "unixy proxies" like we do on windows for cygwin/msys users. Shouldn't be a big issue as far as I can tell.

Seldaek closed this Feb 16, 2016

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