Autoloading within custom installers doesn't work as expected if "target-dir" is used #2079

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So here's the deal. I've got this package with this composer.json. As you can see, it requires "dreamfactory/lib-php-common-platform". This library has classes in the \DreamFactory\Platform\Utility namespace.

In a normal project, this is absolutely no problem thanks to Jordi's awesome Kung Fu. Multiple locations for a single namespace are completely supported via the "target-dir" option.

The problem here is that the above package also is targeted for the \DreamFactory\Platform\Utility namespace. But it seems the autoloader operates on the final output of composer, not the "work-in-progress" of what's been installed so far, as it were.

So, in a nutshell, autoloading a class from a "required" package, from within a custom installer fails -- even though the dependency has been installed.

I am not certain this is a bug or an undocumented feature. Jordi, any guidance?


Seldaek commented Jul 12, 2013

I think there is another issue related to custom installers and target-dir. Indeed the whole runtime-autoloading is borked and has many limitations so I'm not surprised. It's long overdue for an overhaul, but it's not such a trivial task.

Let me know if I can help in any way. :)


jrobeson commented Jul 13, 2014

@df-jablan : so does using psr-4 autoloading instead of target-dir solve this issue? or does it still manifest in some other form?

Seldaek closed this Apr 13, 2016

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