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mkdir() in Filesystem.php fails on line 140 while extracting artifact repo packages on Windows #2193

kryptychon opened this Issue Aug 20, 2013 · 0 comments

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Hi there,

before posting my first composer related issue: Thank you very much for this great piece of software ;-)

I'm using satis to create a private repo and I'm experiencing a reproduceable bug concerning artifact repos.

To get an idea, here my satis config:

    "name": "my repo",
    "homepage": "",
    "repositories": [
            "type": "artifact",
            "url": "../../../../../tl_files/repository/artifact"
    "require-all": true,
    "archive": {
        "directory": "dist",
        "fomat": "zip",
        "prefix-url": "",
        "skip-dev": true

As you can see, I'm using zipped artifact packages.

The first building process of the packages.json works well, the second one (and all succeeding) won't, because the artiface packages get unzipped into C:\Users\kryptychon\ApPData\Local\Temp\composer_archiver\package-0.6.0-package_060\subdir...

The real problem is, that the Filesystem.php does not check / delet the potentially existing file in the temp directory.

I'm using Win 7 and xampp.

Can this plase be fixed?



@Seldaek Seldaek closed this Apr 13, 2016
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