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chEbba commented Apr 22, 2012

PEAR package can have different "groups" of dependencies for different set of features.
This PR adds support for groups with creating separate packages for PEAR dependency groups as "packageName-groupName".


Seldaek commented Apr 27, 2012

So that adds extra packages, but there is still a normal package with the default non-group requires as it was before?
If I merge this it should ideally also be added to pirum since it has some composer support as well and repos that use it will not use the composer PEAR code but use an optimized all-in-one-file version.


chEbba commented Apr 28, 2012

Yep, it just adds extra packages. For example for zf2 pear repository (

Loaded pear-zf2/Zend_Framework 2.0.0beta1 // (default)
Loaded pear-zf2/Zend_Framework-Standard 2.0.0beta1 // (dep group)
Loaded pear-zf2/Zend_Framework-MVC 2.0.0beta1 // (dep group)


chEbba commented Apr 28, 2012

My PhpStorm highlighted an error in PearRepositry, fixed it in this PR


stof commented Jun 14, 2012

a better solution would probably be to wait until we have the support for #751 which would make the support of pear groups easy (as it would simply be mapping the pear groups to the composer feature without any custom code)


Seldaek commented Aug 13, 2012

@palex-fpt @chEbba is this still needed/actual? If so please rebase the PR. If it's already covered by the "new" PEAR support then I guess we should close it.


chEbba commented Jun 21, 2013

Close as needless

chEbba closed this Jun 21, 2013

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