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Operation Update callers of VersionParser::formatVersion() Jul 2, 2015
Decisions.php Remove Pool::getMaxId and the solver's reliance on it Oct 12, 2012
DefaultPolicy.php Removed long deprecated functions that were no longer referenced anyw… Feb 15, 2016
PolicyInterface.php Removed unused variables and includes, fixed functions being called w… Feb 27, 2016
Request.php Run cs fixer and update config to latest master Apr 11, 2016
Rule.php clear code May 17, 2016
RuleSet.php CS Oct 4, 2016
RuleSetGenerator.php Reduce calls on Rule::getHash() Sep 30, 2016
RuleSetIterator.php Fix for composer. When running update/install command it's just do no… Jan 8, 2012
RuleWatchChain.php Add documentation to RuleWatchChain and RuleWatchNode May 21, 2012
RuleWatchGraph.php Literals on rule are now public Dec 1, 2014
RuleWatchNode.php Fix CS Sep 28, 2015
Solver.php Enhance solver perf by removing count() Oct 14, 2016
SolverBugException.php Remove useless property in exception class May 9, 2012
SolverProblemsException.php Use random name for tmp ini and delete after use Nov 20, 2016
Transaction.php Ignore self references when anlaysing independent root requirements Mar 2, 2016