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The logo is very clearly a conductor, not a composer. He is holding a baton and appearing to be flailing his arms in a typical fashion during a performance, which a composer would not do while composing music. I feel this is deceiving to those with musical backgrounds and should be corrected, unless the project name can be changed.

It's true.

chx commented Feb 15, 2013

I guess it has to do with A) some? many? composers were also conductors B) conductors, as this logo shows, behave in a very discernible way. Someone sitting at a table or piano and writing on a piece of paper is less so.


naderman commented Feb 15, 2013

Why would you think the guy in the image is a composer? The linux logo isn't a linux either, but a penguin. :)

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Seldaek commented Feb 15, 2013

You are right, but on the other hand this is probably the most unrelated bikeshedding issue I ever saw in an open source project. Good Friday evening topic, too bad the pints are missing.


I guess the authors just liked conductors. Inexplicable why they didn't choose conductor as their name but who am I to judge?


Seldaek commented Feb 15, 2013

Actually, a google image search for composer clearly shows that this is indeed an image of a composer, seems like we have altered reality.

It is clearly Beethoven. Duh.

sdboyer commented Feb 15, 2013

a compromise, perhaps? Condoser? Compuctor? i think the latter is a winner.

The composer (generally) writes out what the conductor will do. If the conductor was not looking at a music sheet and/or there was no music sheet then we might have a major issue. Because of the music sheet I do not see any issues with the logo.

moniuch commented Feb 16, 2013

The image obviously depicts a conductor (to be precise: an orchestra conductor - as those conducting unaccompanied choir typically do not use batons). But that put aside, this image for a logo is much like an equivalent of ComicSans for... any purpose. If you know what I mean ;-)

liuggio commented Feb 16, 2013

for me the icon is correct, but the name should be changed

Clearly this is a man who, while learning to use chopsticks has slipped and fallen chest first into the book he was reading, likely on how to use chopsticks. Unless the project's name is changed to "Chopstick Accident", I do not believe this is an acceptable logo.


naderman commented Feb 16, 2013

So as a compromise I would like to propose this logo & new name:


I hope this will appease all sides.

liuggio commented Feb 16, 2013

@naderman 👍 change the issue as RFC


sdboyer commented Feb 16, 2013

agreed with @liuggio and @robwierzbowski - this should be classified as a Request for Chopsticks.

JCook21 commented Feb 16, 2013

As a former professional musician turned PHP developer I feel like I should have something meaningful to add to this conversation but I don't. Anyway, it is clearly a conductor but the project's name could be changed to Maestro to reflect this. ;) 👍 for @Seldaek having altered reality on this.

Now, where's my Friday evening beer...


Just sayin'.

KMantas commented Feb 16, 2013

We can view it with more creativity. System is composer but picture is us who are using it ;-)

moniuch commented Feb 16, 2013

Looks now we're all set with the identity for Hände Hoch Software, LLC. @naderman, I hope you're not missing your vocation in your life ;-)

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Logo #1713

GRMule commented May 4, 2015

I came here to cry about the conductor in the logo, and see that I'm not alone. Snuffle. Oh well, back to end usering my code... err i mean writing my code.

We tried, pedants, we tried.

moniuch commented May 5, 2015

@GRMule ...Before you all yell at musicians confusing Java and JavaScript... ;-)

WinnieB commented Feb 7, 2016

I've been a musician for 30+ years, glad I'm not the only one to notice the project name/logo mismatch! Close enough for PHP, I guess ;-)

liuggio commented Feb 7, 2016

I think composer == conductor in PHP,
come on we are not saying triple equals.

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