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Remove YiiInstaller #68

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I am sorry that I have to create this issue, but please remove the YiiInstaller from composer/installers.

As discussed on composer-dev and Yii issues there are no specifications for Yii 1.x applications how they have to be structured and the current installer might break existing composer-based Yii applications.


PS: But for sure Yii 1.x stays a natively supported framework for composer.

PS2: you could use "vendor-dir": "protected/extensions" to achieve a similar functionality.


:thumbsup: Will remove it shortly. Thanks for handling this!


Before you remove it, there is a use-case for a YiiInstaller, but I am not sure if it could be implemented.

When installing a yii-theme, the theme should be installed (or copied) into your theme folders. You can only customize a general theme directory in Yii for all themes, not for every theme separately.

And I used the plural form, because a theme has asset-files in a public accessible section and view and skin files in something like app/ or protected/.

So the package would have to be split up into two parts, when installing - which makes no sense, because it's a repo. I am using this command at the moment to accomplish the task and my theme belongs to my project.

How to do this with composer/installers?

@schmunk42 schmunk42 referenced this issue in yiisoft/yii

Official Yii 1.x composer installer #2313


@schmunk42 That seems like a good use case for a post-install-cmd:


@shama Thanks :) I am using those events extensively. Just running some yiic commands when a package gets installed.

That would be a nice solution for a Yii installer, but there are problems relying on a package for scripts, see composer/composer#1799 - Therefore I had to bundle my ComposerCallback class with my project template.

Any ideas?

PS: Should I send a pull request for this ;)?

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@schmunk42 schmunk42 removed Yii installer, issue #68 5db6e2d
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