Some package vendor rss doesn't valid #303

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toopay commented Mar 28, 2013

Hello. I've created service as Github services, It basically a PHP port of Gemnasium.

The service rely on packagist rss/atom. Some project, like, can't build any depedencies data since the required vendor feed ( contain empty item(s).

Could someone check on it.

And, i wonder, if we could have some restful API as more convinient way to fetching package information, rather than RSS/Atom format.



stof commented Mar 28, 2013

you can get package information through{package}.json (the same url than when browsing the site, with .json appended)

toopay commented Mar 28, 2013

Holy crap. Thanks @stof :)

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Seldaek commented Mar 28, 2013

btw @toopay while I appreciate people are building services like this, I hope you are caching some of this data to avoid hitting packagist too often when your service gets real usage :)


Seldaek commented Mar 28, 2013

Also integrating with to get higher warnings on known security vulnerabilities would be cool.

toopay commented Mar 28, 2013

@Seldaek thanks for the feedback. Noted at toopay/depending#2

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