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My company has been using gitosis for a while now. Gitosis has been deprecated and superseded by gitolite, but there hasn't been a need for us to convert over. I build bundles and save them separately into gitosis. Satis correctly recognizes them (using gitosis-user@our-vcs-server:my_project.git as the source url) and I can use the bundles in my project using Satis and the repository.

However, on the Satis repository page, the release links point to, e.g. http://satis-server/web/gitosis-user@our-git-server:my_bundle.git, which obviously doesn't work. Looks like the page just generates an <a> tag and blindly points to the source url.

Maybe I'm missing something here. Would I need to do some kind of gitweb integration?

This isn't a deal-breaker for me as I everything I need to function works fine, just something I was interested in exploring.


Seldaek commented Oct 18, 2012

Yeah it generally works for http urls like github and others, but I don't know what the point would be anyway with gitosis to link it.. I guess we should just remove the link if it's not clickable.

Yeah, makes sense. That's pretty much all I thought of. Thanks!

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