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I use Satis to scan 60+ repositories in one go. It's hard to tell how far I already got, so I hacked together this simple IO wrapper that prepend the current and total number of repositories. So the output looks like this:

Q:\satis\bin>php compile
Scanning packages
[ 8/61] Reading composer.json of webvariants/developer-utils (v5.1.1)
Writing web view

I don't really expect this to be merged, as I'm sure there are other usecases where my code terribly fucks up. But maybe it's an inspiration :-)

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Not a bad idea, but indeed the implementation is maybe a bit risky. Maybe you can give feedback after using it for a while ;)


Using a progress bar is more complex, as you cannot simply prepend a static string, but have to mix to "dynamic" functions (overwriting the current line + using a progress bar, which overwrites the current line itself).

I haven't tried it, but I imagine it to be much harder to wrap around the Composer code.

@till till commented on the diff May 25, 2013
@@ -134,7 +134,13 @@ private function selectPackages(Composer $composer, OutputInterface $output, $ve
// run over all packages and store matching ones
$output->writeln('<info>Scanning packages</info>');
- foreach ($composer->getRepositoryManager()->getRepositories() as $repository) {
+ $repositories = $composer->getRepositoryManager()->getRepositories();
+ $io = $this->getApplication()->getIO();
+ foreach ($repositories as $idx => $repository) {
+ $io->setPrefix(sprintf('[% 2d/% 2d] ', $idx+1, count($repositories)));
till added a line comment May 25, 2013

Small nitpick — but I would not count() in each iteration of the loop. ;)

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I'd like to have this as well. Nicely done.

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Unfortunately this patch doesn't really work anymore as the handling of repositories has been changed since.

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Would love to have something like this in satis though, so if you want to update the PR, or somebody else wants to work on it?


A progress indicator indeed would be pretty nice :)

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Closing this due to lack of activity and conflicting state. Please do feel free to re-open and update this PR if said functionality is still desired. :-)

@alcohol alcohol closed this Feb 19, 2016
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