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Releases: composer/windows-setup

Composer-Setup 6.3.0

17 Nov 18:37
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  • Added existing version uninstallation. This is done silently in the background just before the main installation and creates an Uninstall Log in the temp directory.
  • Removed approval page for ini updates, which now happen automatically and are shown to the user on the Ready to Install page.
  • Reworked ini update handling to fix extension_dir errors.
  • Improved PHP checks and changed to using runphp for all scripts.
  • Added output capturing from runphp using cmd.exe.
  • Changed runphp to execute any commands, rather than just -v, with a 30 second safety timeout.

Composer-Setup 6.2.0

25 Sep 12:37
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  • Removed MinVersion to use the default. Windows Vista is no longer supported. This is required to
    make the installer more secure on supported versions (Windows 7 updwards).
  • Removed expiring DST Root CA X3 certificate so that OpenSSL and Curl will work using ISRG Root X1.

Composer-Setup 6.1.0

08 Sep 19:21
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  • Fixed path searching to use native System32 directories on x64.
  • Fixed cmd.exe invocations to use the 64-bit version on x64.
  • Fixed codepage issues with cmd.exe output: #123.

Composer-Setup 6.0.0

13 Aug 17:28
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  • Disabled deprecation warnings in php scripts.
  • Fixed PHP 8 openssl_free_key deprecation warning: #122.
  • Updated to latest installer script, including certificate data from Wed Jul 22 03:12:14 2020 GMT.
  • Improve proxy handling by making proxy discovery match Composer behaviour and by reporting proxy
    urls in the log file, masked to hide sensitive data.
  • Fixed potential escalation of privileges by locking down the bin folder for admin installs.
  • Added a path security warning which requires the user to confirm that it is their responsibilty
    to ensure the access control of a folder being added or replaced on the system path. This affects
    standard admin installs, but not silent or Deverloper Mode installs with admin priveleges.
  • Improved and documented ini update handling.
  • Fixed failures when the ini contains relative root paths, as in xampp portable, by running PHP
    from the drive it is installed on and using full paths to the php scripts. This unfortunately
    breaks Cygwin PHP installations. Reported in #116.
  • Fixed runphp.exe reporting PHP fatal errors by calling PHP with the -n (no ini) option, which
    lets the user see the error later: #116.
  • Added cmd.exe checking to flush out misconfigrations before it is used to call the php scripts.
  • Fixed missing captions on settings error page when cmd or php did not run.
  • Added logging of command-line params.
  • Fixed bug when admin installing in user-mode could not change global environment.
  • Further improvements to Chocolatey package so it can be accepted as a core-team package.
  • Fixed installer script to handle uopz extension if it prevents exit calls.

Composer-Setup 5.1.0

01 Jan 16:11
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  • Added the identifier Composer-Setup.exe (plus version) to the user-agent header when downloading.
  • Improved path handling to remove all instances of PHP and Composer when adding new values.
  • Updated to latest installer script which fixes NO_PROXY handling bug and includes certificate data
    from Wed Nov 27 04:12:10 2019 GMT.

Composer-Setup 5.0.0

04 Dec 21:16
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  • Improved the Chocolatey package release process to use their automatic update module.
  • Added the curl extension to php.ini modifications which will be needed in Composer 2.
  • Updated to Inno Setup 6 which provides a modern resizable interface and drops support for Windows XP.
  • Restricted PHP to 5.5 upwards because lower versions do not use the TLS protocols required to
    download the installer and connect to Packagist.
  • Removed the security page that allowed the user to disable TLS.
  • Improved wording on environment changes page: #103
  • Updated the installer script to recognize the HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY environment variables and to include certificate data from Wed Oct 16 03:12:09 2019 GMT.
  • Improved proxy display and handling, which nows allows the user to override settings from
    Internet Options: #91
  • Fixed crash caused by Inno Setup 5 bug when calling ExpandUNCFileName with a path longer than 259 characters. This occured when a user had an entry named %PATH% in their Path environment variable, so Setup now checks for the path separator in an expanded path: #92.
  • Improved extension enabling in php.ini so that only the extension name is used for PHP7.2 upwards.
  • Improved search for common PHP locations.

Composer-Setup 4.10.0

04 Feb 18:35
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  • Updated to latest installer script, including certificate data from Wed Jan 23 04:12:09 2019 GMT.
  • Fixed POSIX incompatibility in shim script.

Composer-Setup 4.9.0

28 Sep 17:21
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  • Improved installer error reporting to show common OpenSSL and proxy errors.
  • Stopped ini-handling from modifying an ini file if it is not in the php.exe directory.
  • Added PHPRC detection, which is reported if used.
  • Updated to latest installer script, including certificate data from Wed Jun 20 03:12:06 2018 GMT.

Composer-Setup 4.8.0

11 Nov 16:19
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  • Changed error reporting by forcing all errors to stderr with ini overrides.
  • Changed detection of old PHP versions for better error handling.
  • Fixed argument escaping to handle unusual path characters.
  • Fixed shell proxy to handle cygdrive prefix if it has been changed by the user.
  • Changed reporting of registry Autorun entries to catch strange ansicon behaviour.

Composer-Setup 4.7.0

03 Aug 14:25
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  • Stopped uninstall removing Composer\vendor\bin from the user path if there is another composer files directory in the path (ie from a subseqent Developer mode installation).
  • Improved shell proxy handling, in case of CDPATH conflicts.
  • Improved error reporting, making use of stderr now that PHP uses it better.
  • Added output from stdout and stderr to the log file for better troubleshooting.
  • Unattended SYSTEM installations no longer write data to the system user profile.