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Grainflow is a suite of sample accurate signal driven granular tools built in Max MSP that utilize the multichannel capabilities of Max 8

To install, place this package folding in the Max 8 Packages directory.

Join the Grainflow Community on Discord

Grainflow includes tools for:

  • Soundfile granulation
  • Live input granulation
  • Granular Synthisis
  • Granular Sampling
  • Granular Harmonization
  • Granular Chorus
  • Granular Recording
  • Granular Visualization
  • Vector Synthisis

Grainflow includes examples and readmade bpatchers for:

  • Granular reverb
  • Harmonization
  • Scrubbing
  • Chorus
  • Grain Delay
  • Infinite Sustain
  • Granular Synthesis