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Version 8.1.0

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Charlie Savage authored
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associations Merge pull request #271 from kirikak2/fix_has_one_association_execute…
attribute_methods Active Record 4.2.1 support.
attribute_set Update to support Rails 4.2.0.rc2 (fixes #262)
connection_adapters Update 4.1 monkey patch for sqlserver to master
locking Support optimistic lock and lock_version added to existing fixtures.
relation Revamp (once again) the way ids are parsed to fix #290. Also bring co…
validations * update uniqueness validator to match 4.2.0.beta1 and remove depreca…
attribute_methods.rb * fix has_attribute? to be sure it returns true when the attribute is…
base.rb Revert "Implement id_was for rails 4.1.6 compatibility"
composite_arrays.rb Revamp (once again) the way ids are parsed to fix #290. Also bring co…
composite_predicates.rb Group predicates first before or-ing them together.
composite_relation.rb Merge branch 'master' into ar_4.1.x
dirty.rb removed symbolized representation of primary keys. main reason: in ac…
fixtures.rb First-cut at ActiveRecord 3.1.x compatibility. This is a massive chan…
nested_attributes.rb Updates to match CPK reference.
persistence.rb [WIP] Compatibility with Rails 4.2
relation.rb merge master and fix for ActiveRecord 4.2.0.beta4
sanitization.rb [WIP] Compatibility with Rails 4.2
version.rb Version 8.1.0
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