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JavaScript library for getting and setting CSS stylesheet rules
JavaScript CSS
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JSS v0.3

A simple JavaScript library for getting/setting CSS stylesheet rules.

  • Tiny - ~250 lines of code.
  • No dependencies.
  • MIT Licensed.


Download and include jss.js in your HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="jss.js"></script>

Add new rule (or extend existing rule):

jss('.special', {
    color: 'red',
    fontSize: '2em',
    padding: '10px'

Retrieve existing rule:


// Returns:
    'color': 'red',
    'font-size': '2em',
    'padding-bottom': '10px',
    'padding-left': '10px',
    'padding-right': '10px',
    'padding-top': '10px'

Remove existing rule:


Why generate CSS with JS?

  • To set styles that must be calculated or retrieved - for example, setting the user's preferred font-size or color from a cookie.
  • To set behavioural, rather than aesthetic, styles (especially for UI widget/plugin developers). Tabs, carousels, tooltips, etc. often require some basic CSS simply to function. Users of the code should not be forced to include a stylesheet for core functionality. Eye-candy CSS, of course, should still be added through regular stylesheets.
  • It's better than inline styles since CSS rules apply to all current and future elements, and don't clutter the HTML when viewing in Firebug / Developer Tools.
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