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+## Crash Course to CompoundJS
+In this guide we will start with creating app using generators. Goal: get
+working application without any additional knoweledge about express, learn
+structure and tools coming with railway, quick overview of main features.
+### What is compound
+Before we start I have define compound framework. Compound's formula:
+[Express][express] + structure + extensions. Where *structure* is standard
+layout of directories, and extensions are node modules adding functionality to
+the framework. Compound's goal: provide obvious and well-organized interface for
+express application development. That means everything working with express will
+work with compound too.
+Now we can start building app. Let's create todo-list app with REST API and web
+### First steps: install compound and generate app
+1. install compound using npm
+ npm install compound
+2. generate app
+ compound init todo-list-app
+3. install dependencies
+ cd todo-list app && npm install
+Now we have initial compound app structure, we can run application and see
+what's happen. Let's run `node .` command and open http://localhost:3000/ in
+| **Note** `node .` command is simple way to run application in current
+| directory. You also can run `node server.js` or `coffee` or even
+| `compound server`.
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