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Everything you have to know about compound

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Getting started

Crash course

Express course to CompoundJS. Create your first app, learn structure, use generators and tools.

Elements Explained

Take a closer look at compound elements - each fulfils it's own function. The guide allows you to learn how to use each part of compound and bundle it together to create awesome applications.

Compound essentials


How to draw your application's routing map in few expressions. This guide shows you all compound routing map power and beauty.


Everything you need to know about controllers and request handling flow: actions, hooks, middleware stack.

View/layouts rendering

Views, layouts, templating engines and all related stuff (except helpers, because helpers is a big theme worth separate guide).

View helpers

Everything about built-in and custom-made helpers. Learn how to create your own helpers and helper-related techniques to simplify and beautify your views.


Learn how you can create unit tests for your application


This articles show how you can deploy your applications into heroku

Advanced topics


Types of attacks and how to protect your app against them. Which compoundjs features could be helpful.


Short talk about meta-programming techniques could be used to DRY controllers and reuse controllers code.

Events, Compound API

Learn how to use events to hook up particular application loading stages. Then use API methods to configure compound for your application needs.

Building extensions

Let's see how to extend compound and make your code reusable using extensions API.

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