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A Kernel fuzzer focusing on race bugs
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Razzer: Finding kernel race bugs through fuzzing

Environment setup

Running scripts/ will set up necessary environment variables. One should select the kernel version during environment setup, for example, v4.17


Initialize kernels_repo submodule

Kernel source codes used in this project are in the other reprository which is included as a submodule. To initialize the submodule one should execute git submodule update command as a follow.

git submodule update --init --depth=1 kernels_repo

Install toolchains / tools

scripts/ will try to install all toolchains and tools.

Static analysis

The Razzer's static analysis is based on the LLVM toolchain and the SVF static analysis tool. See documents in docs/static_analysis/.


Razzer's two-phases fuzzing is based on Syzkaller. The deterministic scheduler is implemented using QEMU/KVM. See documents in docs/fuzzing/.


Razzer: Finding Kernel Race Bugs through Fuzzing (IEEE S&P 2019)



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