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Calculus notes

Hi! This repo is to let people contribute to my calculus notes I hastily wrote while trying to pass a calculus course.

They weren't polished and contain many bugs! :D

Please do

  • Open issues and pull requests to mark and fix problems.
  • Learn from the notes and discuss them with others.
  • Share the notes and links to this repository to improve them.

Please don't

  • Pass off the notes as your own. Please credit the authors and contributors.

It's a fairly large LaTeX document that gets rendered into a PDF which I host. Through the magic of pandoc, it can also be rendered into different formats.


  • Why $$ and not \[?

    • Because I didn't know what I was doing.
    • I haven't read a style guide for TeX.
  • Why one large file and not many smaller ones with includes?

    • See above.
    • Feel free to change this.