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The Marauders App - worker

This is the worker that picks up information about every DICE machine. It takes inspiration from the original Python implementation.

How to run

  • Have Go installed
  • go get
  • Set the MAPP_SECRET, CALLBACK_KEY and MACHINE_LIST environment variables
  • Run mapp-worker and let it do its magic.


This goes through every DICE machine and scans it within 30 seconds.

How it works

Expects JSON file to be a list of DICE machines.

It will attempt to authenticate against student.login. If authentication does not work to student.login, it will abort.

All threads will authenticate with the remote hosts using the Kerberos credentials on your machine.

You can get a machines.json file (can be called anything, must be a json file though) by visiting this URL. Note that you can provide multiple rooms to receive machines from multiple rooms at once.


To run this bot on any Informatics DICE machine, create a script that sets those environment variables and runs the program:

export MACHINE_LIST='machines.json'
export CALLBACK_KEY='....'
export MAPP_SECRET='......'

Then run the following line:

longjob -nobackground -28day -c "nice ./"

The longjob command will ask for your DICE password and then produce renewable Kerberos credentials valid for up to 28 days. This will allow your bot to run for 28 days.