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SIG: Web - website2016

SIG: Web, Making the Web(site) Great Again.

AKA the New New New CompSoc website

The Dev Site

This is the new website. It uses Jekyll. It also works nicely with Docker.

How to run?

If you use Linux, run It will automatically build, server and watch the directory for changes. It will listen on port 4000.

If you're on Mac or Windows, please contribute some instructions. You'll hopefully be able to read and adapt the commands to play nice with docker-machine, or native Docker if that's your thing.

Running without Docker

I'd love someone to contribute instructions on how to run this natively without docker too. That would be awesome.

About the SIG

What is SIG: Web

SIG: Web is a Special Interest Group of CompSoc, centered around re-building the CompSoc website.


  • Building & maintaining the new website
  • Exploring interesting web technologies, where implementations of which could benefit CompSoc and members (where implementations would be at the discretion of CompSoc's current technical secretary)
  • Help members to learn web technologies and web development best practices

Sounds good, what now?

This page lists some first ideas around what we might need/want for the website, until we can put together a first formal meeting, which will probably be late May / early June 2016.

Join us


Meetings will be held on a monthly basis, in person. Meetings will also have a web conference open in the event that a SIG member wishes to join remotely. As such, the meeting venue should be suitable to accommodate this.


We hang out in #sigweb on Imaginarynet (, come say hi, have a chat. For now we're throwing around basic ideas of what technology stacks we should consider, and generally are just getting ideas out to others in the group for discussion at our first meeting, where we will start a formal plan.

Who's involved?

Who Github IRC
Harry @hreeder tbrb
Will @neanias neanias or sneanias
Josh @Milk1337 M1LK
AngusP @AngusP angusp
James @JFriel taggenblu


What follows are some of the key features we have already identified for needs of the new website

  • Must be easy to contribute to
  • Must be easy to set up / deploy

With those ideas there, some technologies identified that could be of use:

  • Docker (for ease of setting up, especially for contributors)
  • Jekyll (Can you write text? Then you can contribute!)
  • Micro web frameworks (Sinatra/Flask)

I also think it might be nice to have a look at using Bourbon / Neat / Bitters / Refills alongside Sass for laying things out as well, but that's up for discussion ❤️