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Input masks and multi-column autocomplete combined

What it looks like:

alt text


  • Input masking
    • user defined masks (via user supplied RegExp) and pre-defined masks
    • error messages that explain why the input key is invalid
    • hotkeys - a single key can fill a field (e.g., 't' fills in todays date in date fields)
  • Multi column autocomplete
    • intelligent autocomplete (characters not in any list item are automatically removed, saving keystrokes)
    • mouseover filtering lets user reduce choices by moving their mouse over a filter element
    • auto-configuration
  • Rocker control
    • Binary options (true/false, yes/no, etc) that never hide a choice
  • Menus
    • Built from JSON
    • mouseover filtering

Other benefits:

  • can be disabled with a simple call
  • it can use data from a variety of JSON types (array, array of arrays, single object, array of objects)
  • uses color highlighting to show autocomplete matches
  • the value associated with with the label string is saved in the input element automatically (in the menu_opt_key - no need to manually update a hidden field)
  • source data can be dynamically reloaded (no destroy-create required)
  • is flexible, configurable and stays in the viewport

(See full documentation)

(See live demos)


npm install menuoptions
git clone

(more detailed install instructions)

Getting started with masks

See the demo.

        "ClearBtn": true,
        "Mask": "Mon DD, YYYY"

alt text

Getting started with a simple multi-column autocomplete

See the demo.

        "Data": { 1:"January",2:"February",3:"March",4:"April",5:"May", 6:"June",7:"July",
                  8:"August",9:"September",10:"October",11:"November",12:"December" },
        "onSelect": function(mo, data) {                                        
             console.log(mo, data.newVal, data.type );                          
        "Sort": [] // don't sort                                                            

alt text

Getting started with a simple menu

See the demo

var Data =  [ {"javascript": function() { alert('Run some javascript'); }},
{"Google": ""},
{"Yahoo": ""}];

"Data": Data;
"MenuOptionsType": "Navigate", // Navigate is for menus

alt text

Multiple MenuOptions controls, including the rocker control

See the demo

This demo illustrates using the using multiple MenuOptions controls, including the rocker control

alt text

Mouseover filtering with dividers

See the demo

alt text

Dynamic reloading of a MenuOptions multi-column autocomplete

See the demo

In this case, the user selects a start time and the end time will be modified to only display the start time plus 1 hour and 30 minutes later

alt text

Using MenuOptions with jQuery's serialize

See the demo

If you load MenuOptions multi-column autocomplete using an object, the value will be written into the 'menu_opt_key' attribute. jQuery's serialize will not pick up the value of a MenuOptions multi-column autocomplete (menu_opt_key) To account for this, wrap serialize() with re_serialize, like this:

$('input[name=maritalstatus]').menuoptions('re_serialize', $('form#form1').serialize());

alt text


Input masks and multi-column autocomplete combined







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