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lightweight mastodon bot wrapper
Common Lisp
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ava fox

lightweight wrapper for making mastodon bots


clone this repo into your local system definitions or ~/common-lisp folder


create a bot object, passing it (at minimum) a path to your config file

then pass that bot object to (glacier:run-bot)

if you pass nothing else but the bot object, the framework will drop into a loop monitoring for updates and running the proper handlers from your bot (assuming you specified what handlers to run when creating your bot object)

you can pass code along with your bot to (glacier:run-bot) and it will run that code along with monitoring for streaming updates

NOTE: if you pass code that doesn't block forever, the bot will exit without doing anything

;; bad example
(glacier:run-bot (my-bot)
  (format t "my bot is running!")) ;; this doesn't block, so we print this and exit

see below for good examples

most objects that get passed around are tooter objects, so it probably wouldnt hurt to get acquainted with that library.


the following runs a bot (using the instance and access token specified in the config) that posts "trans rights are human rights" every 30 minutes

please see the example config for option names

(glacier:run-bot ((make-instance 'glacier:mastodon-bot :config-file "/path/to/bot.config"))
  (glacier:after-every (30 :minutes)
    (glacier:post "trans rights are human rights" :visibility :public)))

the following runs a bot that responds to a mention with a cordial hello

(defun maybe-respond (notification)
  "respond to a status from a mention NOTIFICATION"
  (when (glacier:mention-p notification)
    (glacier:reply (tooter:status notification) "hi! :3")))

(glacier:run-bot ((make-instance 'glacier:mastodon-bot :config-file "/path/to/bot.config"
                                                      :on-notification #'maybe-respond)))

the following runs a bot that will respond to posts with !hello in them with status personalized with their displayname

(defun cordial-reply (status)
  (glacier:reply status (format nil "hi, ~a! :3"
                        (tooter:display-name (tooter:account status)))))

(glacier:add-command "hello" #'cordial-reply)

(glacier:run-bot ((make-instance 'glacier:mastodon-bot :config-file "/path/to/bot.config")))


run-bot ((bot &key delete-command (with-websocket t)) &body body)

runs BOT, setting up websocket handlers and starting the streaming connection before executing BODY

if DELETE-COMMAND is non-nil, automatically adds a delete command if WITH-WEBSOCKET is non-nil (default), automatically starts up a websocket listener for realtime updates

NOTE: DELETE-COMMAND is ignored used if WITH-WEBSOCKET is nil

if BODY is not provided drops into a loop where we sleep until the user quits us, or our connection closes. this functionality does not happen if WITH-WEBSOCKET is nil.

mention-p (notification)

returns T if NOTIFICATION is a mention

fave-p (notification)

returns T if NOTIFICATION is a favourite

boost-p (notification)

returns T if NOTIFICATION is a boost

poll-ended-p (notification)

returns T if NOTIFICATION is from a poll ending

follow-request-p (notification)

returns T if NOTIFICATION is a follow-request

follow-p (notification)

returns T if NOTIFICATION is a follow

bot-post-p (status)

returns T if STATUS was posted by the bot

delete-parent (status)

deletes the parent to STATUS if it was made by the bot

after ((amount duration &key async) &body body)

runs BODY after AMOUNT of DURATION time has passed

if ASYNC is non-nil runs asynchronously

(after (3 :minutes) (print "hello"))

;; (after 3 minutes)
;;=> "hello"

after-every ((amount duration &key async run-immediately) &body body)

same as AFTER except repeats after every duration

if RUN-IMMEDIATELY is non-nil, executes BODY once before waiting for the next iteration

post (text &key (visibility :unlisted) cw media sensitive)

a thin wrapper around TOOTER:MAKE-STATUS

(post "hi~" :visibility :public)

reply (status text &key include-mentions media)

replys to STATUS with TEXT

if include-mentions is non-nil then the reply will contain all mentions from the original status

NOTE: reply will always include an @ to the person it's replying to

add-command (cmd function &key privileged add-prefix)

adds a command with CMD being the text to trigger the command and FUNCTION being the function that runs

FUNCTION needs to accept one parameter: a tooter:status object

if PRIVILEGED is non-nil, the bot needs to be following the account the mention comes from for the command to be triggered

if ADD-PREFIX is non-nil, adds *COMMAND-PREFIX* to the front of CMD


the string that prefixes commands.

defaults to "!"


terminates the websocket connection that feeds the bot streaming updates

effectively terminates the bot


BSD 3-Clause

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