01. Build CompuLab Images

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meta-compulab-imx8 is a set of Yocto Build Environment recipes and configuration files that allows to create CompuLab Yocto Images for CL-SOM-iMX8

  • Supported Yocto NXP Releases: imx-linux-morty
  • Supported CompuLab Machines: cl-som-imx8

NXP Resources

This document is a brief instruction based on the official NXP documentation: L4.9.51_8MQ_GA_LINUX_DOCS

:warning: Please note that NXP login is required in order to access the link above

Prepare Build Machine

Use one of the supported Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu 14.10
  • Ubuntu 15.04
  • Ubuntu 15.10
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS)
  • Fedora release 22
  • Fedora release 23
  • CentOS release 7.x
  • Debian GNU/Linux 8.x (Jessie)
  • Debian GNU/Linux 9.x (Stretch)
  • openSUSE 13.2
  • openSUSE 42.1

Install essential host packages on your build host.

The following command installs the host packages based on an Ubuntu distribution:

sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib \
     build-essential chrpath socat cpio python python3 python3-pip python3-pexpect \
     xz-utils debianutils iputils-ping libsdl1.2-dev xterm curl

Refer to Yocto Project Docs for details.

Prepare BSP Environment

Install Google repo command:

mkdir ~/bin
curl https://storage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo > ~/bin/repo
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
export PATH=${PATH}:~/bin

Download the NXP BSP source:

mkdir fsl-release-bsp
cd fsl-release-bsp
repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-linux-morty -m imx-4.9.51-8mq_ga.xml
repo sync

Clone meta-compulab and meta-compulab-imx8 layers:

git clone -b devel https://github.com/compulab-yokneam/meta-compulab sources/meta-compulab
git clone -b devel_ga https://github.com/compulab-yokneam/meta-compulab-imx8 sources/meta-compulab-imx8

Build Procedure

Set the required machine: cl-som-imx8

export MACHINE=cl-som-imx8

Select a required distribution

Distribution Command to issue Available Images
fb export DISTRO=fsl-imx-fb fsl-image-validation-imx, fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx
x11 export DISTRO=fsl-imx-x11 fsl-image-validation-imx, fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx, compulab-image-xfce
xwayland export DISTRO=fsl-imx-xwayland fsl-image-validation-imx, fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx
wayland export DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland fsl-image-validation-imx, fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx

Select a desired image

Image Command to issue Required distribution
fsl-image-validation-imx export IMAGE=fsl-image-validation-imx fb, x11, xwayland, wayland
fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx export IMAGE=fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx fb, x11, xwayland, wayland
compulab-image-xfce export IMAGE=compulab-image-xfce x11

Create Build Environment

This script issues all required NXP & CompuLab setup files

source sources/meta-compulab-imx8/bb-tools/setup-imx8-env -b build-${MACHINE}-${DISTRO}

Build Instruction

Build Yocto image

bitbake ${IMAGE}

Build kernel only

bitbake linux-imx

Build U-Boot only

bitbake imx-boot

How to build U-Boot and Kernel in standalone environment

Generate an SDK from the Yocto Project build environment

DISTRO=fsl-imx-fb MACHINE=cl-som-imx8 bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk

Kernel/U-Boot Source Code

Set a target

Kernel U-Boot
export TARGET=linux-imx export TARGET=u-boot-imx
export DEFCONFIG=cl-som-imx8_defconfig export DEFCONFIG=cl-som-imx8_defconfig

Retrieve the target information

bitbake -c devshell ${TARGET}
mkdir -p ${BUILDDIR}/../ooye/${TARGET}
${BUILDDIR}/../sources/meta-compulab-imx8/bb-tools/getenv > ${BUILDDIR}/../ooye/${TARGET}/.rc

Clone the target source code & patch it

cd ${BUILDDIR}/../ooye/${TARGET}
source ${BUILDDIR}/../ooye/${TARGET}/.rc
git clone ${ORIGIN} src
git -C src checkout -b development ${HEAD}
git -C src am ${PATCHES}/*.patch

Building the target

  • For i.MX 8 builds on the host machine, set the environment with the following command before building.
source /opt/fsl-imx-fb/4.9.51-mx8-ga/environment-setup-aarch64-poky-linux
  • Issue build for the target this way:
make -C src ${DEFCONFIG}
make -C src -j8

Proceed to How To Create a Bootable SD card

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