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Prefinery Ruby API
The official Ruby library for interacting with the Prefinery REST API.
Prefinery ( helps you launch a private beta in minutes.
Prefinery collects email addresses, generates invitation codes, and sends
invitations for your web beta. Your customers never leave your site and
e-mail invitations are sent from your address.
The Prefinery Ruby API gets Prefinery integrated into your Rails website in seconds.
gem 'prefinery'
Sign up for a free account on and create a new web beta. Once you
do this, you'll configure Prefinery Ruby API as follows:
You should have something like this in config/initializers/prefinery.rb.
Prefinery.configure do |config|
config.subdomain = 'compulsivo'
config.api_key = '8cc4aae2a2fc0e1278a2079ea95b219e26f6beba'
See lib/prefinery.rb
Also, documentation on the REST API can be found at
List testers
Prefinery::Tester.find(:all, :params => { :beta_id => 74 })
Prefinery::Tester.find(:all, :params => { :beta_id => 74, :email => "" })
Show a single tester
tester = Prefinery::Tester.find(1259, :params => { :beta_id => 74 })
Creating a tester
tester = => 74) = ''
tester.profile = {:first_name => 'Justin', :last_name => 'Britten'}
Updating a tester
tester = Prefinery::Tester.find(1259, :params => { :beta_id => 74 })
tester.profile = {:city => 'Austin', :state => 'TX'}
To include Prefinery's invitation javascript on your site's signup page:
<%= prefinery_invitation_javascript(:subdomain => 'acme', :beta_id => 74) %>
To place a link on your site's signup page which will launch the Prefinery invitation widget:
<%= link_to_prefinery_invitation 'Sign up for the beta now!', '#' %>
Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Compulsivo, Inc. Released under the MIT license
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