Sentient Beta Launch

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On Tuesday the 1st November 2016 we experienced the Sentient (almost) beta launch. Details are available on

Sentient is a high-level, declarative programming language, created by Chris Patuzzo, that lets you describe what your problem is and not how to solve it. Sentient tries to figure that out for itself.

We paired up and worked through the examples at Brute force was applied sparingly. We were satisfied that we could find the smallest total for a 4x4 magic square. As far as I know, no one solved the magic cube during the meeting.

Examples we worked through during the meeting

@dkandlov and @kevinb

@beer and @leo

Please add any others to


Thanks to Leo and Geckoboard for hosting, and to Chris Patuzzo for Sentient, for his sentience, his superb documentation, and his excellent shepherding.