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Cache things with a minor change on your code.
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Computaria\Tardis: Cache made easier

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Cache stuff with almost no modification on your code:


use Computaria\Tardis;
use MyApp\Repository;

$apc = new Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcCache;
$tardis = Tardis\Factory::grow($apc);

$slowRepository = new Repository\Country;
$fastRepository = $tardis->cacheCallsFrom($slowRepository);

$brazil = $fastRepository->findByCode('BR');

Requirements: PHP >= 5.5

What happened above:

  1. $apc is our cache storage.
  2. $tardis is a factory of proxies, caching into $apc.
  3. $tardis->cacheCallsFrom() creates a new object which will cache and retrieve results from it.

What cache storages are available?


Tardis limitations

  • We can't cache final classes.
  • We only cache public method calls.
  • Methods which accept non-serializable arguments can't be cached auto-magically.


Will the cache-enabled object Tardis create be of the same instance from the original object?

Yes. The object created will be from a new class extending your original class.

Isn't creating a class on the fly expensive and slow?

Yes, although not as slow as you might think and it is only a once in a time operation.

How are you sure of what cache key to retrieve?

To create a cache key we use Full\Class\Name::methodName and serialize all its arguments, in order to have a unique identity to that call.

If a method, of the same class and with the same arguments, return different things you are in trouble.

How do I expire a cache entry?

You should use Doctrine\Cache, or your own cache storage configuration for that.

We are working on solutions for that. Have an idea? Help us!

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