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Aegir HTTP basic authentication

Aegir 2.x

If you require Aegir 2.x compatibility, then have a look at the Hosting tasks extra module which includes this functionality.


This is a simple module and drush script for Aegir that allows you to specify a username and password for HTTP basic authentication per site in Aegir.

If you don't know what Aegir is, you'll probably want to start there and come back when you really know that you want to use this code.


There are two parts to the code:

  • A Drupal module for hostmaster - contained in the /hosting directory. Install this like any other Drupal module into you hostmaster site.
  • A provision Drush script - contained in the /provision directory. Copy this into /var/aegir/.drush/provision/aegir_http_basic/ on your Aegir master server.
  • Aegir sometimes struggles to set the correct permissions on some directories that might stop your site from working. Make sure that /var/aegir/config/server_NAME/apache is executable by 'others', which just means that the directory is browsable

Now just enable the module in the Aegir frontend, and you're ready to go.


When creating or editing a site, you can optionally add a username, password and message for the HTTP basic authentication. Leaving this blank will do nothing, but if they are filled in then those credentials will be sent to the backend and required to access the site.


This module is mostly a demonstration, so it may not work. Also, the passwords you enter are popped onto the command line of the master server, so you should not use any secure passwords for this. Also, HTTP Basic authentication is sent over the internet as plain text, so you really shouldn't be using passwords you want to keep secret. This module is just to stop most people from accessing a site.


Adds HTTP basic authentications options to Aegir






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