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Komodo Drupal Snippets
These are some (hopefully) useful snippets for Komodo 6 or higher that help you write Drupal code faster.
They are a work in progress and you are very welcome to suggest improvements or indeed fork our repo, add snippets of your own and then issue a pull request on github.
### Installation
Clone the github repo to a directory of your choice. Then, in Komodo bring up the preferences dialog. In the 'Shared support' section enable the 'Shared toolbox' and choose a 'custom data dir' and then point the directory at the location of the cloned repo.
So, if you did this:
$ cd /home/user/docs
$ git clone
Then the path you'd want to enter in the options dialog would be:
### Usage
The snippets should be available in the shared toolbox (in the right hand panel by default) and you can just click on them to insert them into the current file.
### Tab to insert
To be able to use the tab key to insert a matching snippet you will need an extension that provides such functionality.
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