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3/23/14: It seems that the Roku is not going to be able to play the stream directly from the HDTV devices due to a limitation in the Roku SDK and streaming live content. This is something we will have to wait for Roku to support. There is a conversation about it here.

Meanwhile, you have another option. @themacks has created Ply - similar to Wallop but it supports the HDTC devices and utilizes the built-in transcoding capabilities of the device. As a result the computer you use to run Ply does not need a powerful processor. It doesn't do any transcoding, just rewrites the stream into .m3u8 containers and serves them to the Roku. I highly recommend checking it out!

1/22/14: I've received my FedEx tracking number for my HDHomeRun PLUS HDTC-2US! It is supposed to get here on Monday (the 27th). Stay tuned!

1/18/2014: The HDHomeRun PLUS HDTC-2US release date keeps getting pushed back. It was supposed to come out yesterday, but is now listed for the 22nd on Newegg. As soon as I receive my device I will work on supporting it through this app. I still plan to support the HDHomerun PRIME with a Wallop server, as it works now.

Hopefully if everything goes well I will be able to make this a public channel for Roku.

12/12/2013: I have just discovered that the next generation SiliconDust device will be available 1/1/2014 and will be known as the HDHomerun PLUS. Newegg has it listed for $169.99 and available for pre-order.

I will be pre-ordering this device with the intent to make this Roku app compatible with streaming directly from it thanks to the H.264 transcoding abilities. To clarify, this would allow you to stream to the Roku without first setting up a Wallop/transcoding server.

This is what we have been waiting for!

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