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Leiningen Packagecloud Maven Wagon

NOTE: this is currently in beta


Visit and get your API token before proceeding.

Add the wagon plugin to the :plugins section of your project.clj

:plugins [[lein-maven-packagecloud-wagon "0.0.1"]]

Set up your :deploy-repositories to point to your packagecloud repository, like so:

(We are setting our snapshot and release repositories to the same, feel free to make them different)

:deploy-repositories [["releases" {:url "packagecloud-"}]
                      ["snapshots" {:url "packagecloud-"}]]

Add your API token to the :auth profile in ~/.lein/profiles.clj

{:auth {:repository-auth {#"packagecloud.*" {:username "" :password "009a80sd8as98a99980s0s9s"}}}}

lein deploy

That's it!