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A Feathers service adapter for Bee-Queue jobs.


npm install --save feathers-bee-queue bee-queue



Returns a new service instance initialized with the given options.

Important: feathers-bee-queue implements the Feathers Common database adapter API and querying syntax.

const queueService = require('feathers-bee-queue');
app.use('/jobs', queueService({ queue, events, paginate, multi }));


  • queue - A Bee-Queue queue instance
  • events (optional) - A list of custom service events sent by this service. Must be one or more of the following:
    • succeeded
    • retrying
    • failed
    • progress
  • paginate (optional) - A pagination object containing a default and max page size
  • multi (optional) - Allow create with arrays and remove with id null to change multiple items. Can be true for all methods or an array of allowed methods (e.g. [ 'remove', 'create' ])

Complete Example

Here's an example of a Feathers server that uses feathers-bee-queue.

const feathers = require('@feathersjs/feathers');
const queueService = require('feathers-bee-queue');
const Queue = require('bee-queue');

// Initialize the application
const app = feathers();

// Initialize the plugin
app.use('/my-queue', queueService({
  queue: new Queue('my-queue')


Copyright (c) 2018

Licensed under the MIT license.