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A process wrapper for Bee-Queue workers.


npm install --save @compwright/worker-bee

Basic Usage

Single-threaded usage:

const Queue = require('bee-queue');
const Worker = require('@compwright/worker-bee');

const queue = new Queue('test-queue');

worker = new Worker(queue);

worker.start(async (job) => {
  console.log(`Job ${} completed`);

Pressing CTRL+C or sending a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal will cause the worker to gracefully shut down and exit.

Cluster Usage

Bee-Queue supports workers in multiple processes or servers. Here is a multi-process worker example using the throng process manager:

const throng = require('throng');
const Queue = require('bee-queue');
const Worker = require('@compwright/worker-bee');

function timeout(ms) {
  return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));

// throng by default forks one worker per CPU
throng(pid => {
  console.log(`Worker ${pid} started`);

  const queue = new Queue('test-queue');

  const logger = {
    log: (...args) => console.log(`[${pid}]`, ...args),
    error: (...args) => console.error(`[${pid}]`, ...args),

  // handle six jobs concurrently per worker process
  worker = new Worker(queue, { concurrency: 6, logger });

  worker.start(async (job) => {
    for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
      job.reportProgress(100 * i / 5);
    console.log(`Job ${} completed`);

Throng will relay the shutdown signal to each worker process to tell them to gracefully shut down and exit.


new Worker(queue, [options])

Returns a new worker instance initialized with the given options.


  • queue - A Bee-Queue queue instance
  • shutdownTimeout (optional) - time to wait in milliseconds for worker processing to stop before terminating (see Queue.close())
  • stalledCheckInterval (optional) - how often to check for stalled jobs in milliseconds (see Queue.checkStalledJobs())
  • concurrency (optional) - how many jobs to process concurrently within the worker thread (see Queue.process())
  • logger (optional) - logger instance to use instead of console (must be interface-compatible with console)


Listen for jobs to process.


  • callbackFn - a function to execute the job. Receives the job as the first argument.


Stop listening for jobs to process.

Called automatically on SIGINT or SIGTERM signals (such as CTRL+C), and if an uncaught exception occurs.


  • error - an error object to associate with the shutdown. If passed, causes a non-zero exit code.


Copyright (c) 2019

Licensed under the MIT license.