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ShinyMongo is an R based mongoDB user interface. Using the R packages shiny and rmongodb and less than 200 lines of code you can create a simple mongoDB user-interface to view mongoDB data. Querying mongoDB data is currently running in an experimental mode. It is already working for simple queries (no support for 'Comparison Query Operators' and objects in array).

Installation and Operation

ShinyMongo is running on the beta shiny-server provided by RStudio. Press the URL, add your hostname (IP or DNS name) and browse your mongoDB instance:

You can run ShinyMongo locally on your machine directly from github:

shiny::runGitHub('ShinyMongo', 'comsysto', subdir='ShinyApp')

Next the shiny package only the package rmongodb will be required. Due to the experimental testing with real-time JSON queyering the package "rjson" will be required too.

Or please fell free to clone the repository and go on developing and running ShinyMongo.

Currently, there is only one fix parameter in server.R which defines the maximum number of displayed and queried objects:

limit <- 100


  • June 2013, release version 1
  • July 2013, implement json2bson converter for rmongodb
  • August 2013, add quering features to ShinyMongo
  • Q4 2013, add simple statistics to ShinyMongo


Markus Schmidberger