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Gradle Plugin for integration of Hayai C/C++ micro benchmarks into Cross-Language-Benchmarking-Framework
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Gradle Extension to integrate Hayai micro benchmarks for C/C++ code into CroLaBeFra (Cross-Language-Benchmarking-Framework) - see for a detailed POC and use case.

Tested with gradle up to version 2.13

CroLaBeFra integration

This gradle plugin is part of a toolset which is instrumented with a 'mothership' plugin, that should be applied to a surrounding root project. Check also the POC project mentioned above!


plugins {
    id "com.comsysto.gradle.crolabefra.cpp" version "0.3.1"
crolabefra {
    projectToBenchmark = '[project folder to take into account]'
    outputLibraryName = '[nativeLibrarySpec name to link in]'
    benchmarksPath = '[folder where to find benchmark source]'

This plugin can of course also be used without any integration with a cross-language setup!

$ gradle runCppBenchmarks
  • downloads Hayai (currently this fork) from github
  • defines the needed Gradle library specs
  • assembles the benchmarks executable
  • executes the given set of Hayai benchmarks assembled in one executable

Furthermore, with

$ gradle installHayaiToLib 

you can additionally install the Hayai library source to {PROJECT_ROOT}/lib for development of benchmarks.

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