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Added '-type utf8()' to exports -- it's referenced from 'mongodb-erlang'

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1 parent adce0e9 commit 25731b3a6a23e787954004aa1984ec63c2ac2904 @superbobry superbobry committed Mar 12, 2012
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
-export_type ([document/0, label/0, value/0]).
-export_type ([bin/0, bfunction/0, uuid/0, md5/0, userdefined/0]).
-export_type ([mongostamp/0, minmaxkey/0]).
--export_type ([regex/0, unixtime/0]).
+-export_type ([utf8/0, regex/0, unixtime/0]).
-export_type ([javascript/0]).
-export_type ([objectid/0, unixsecs/0]).

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