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Howto add package to EnotHub.


  • Visit EnotHub and push Add build button.
  • Use your git user name or project's namespace as namespace and your repo name as name.
  • Fill in your project's git url.
  • Select tags to build. By default last tag will be built.
  • Select Erlang version to be used for build (optional). default_erlang from application.conf will be used by default.
  • Push Add button.

Automatic (github)

  • Install enot github application for your repo
  • push new git tag to your repo

Email notification notice

Notification email is sent to the last commit's author email. If you don't receive one - check if last email is yours.

How to add deps of my package?

All dependencies of your package, mentioned in enot_config.json will be built after you package's build succeed.
Important: Enot will build dependencies of dependencies only if they contain enot_config.json. Otherwise only first level of dependencies will be built.

Enot Badge

To add badges for your service use<YOUR_PACKAGES_FULL_NAME> url.

Will display your package's version from enot.