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Kune is a free and open source federated collaborative social network, focused on collaboration rather than just on communication. That is, it provides online real-time collaborative editing (based on Apache Wave), decentralized social networking and web publishing, while focusing on workgroups rather than individuals. It aims to allow the creation of online spaces for collaborative work, where organizations and individuals can build projects online, coordinate common agendas, set up virtual meetings, publish on the web, and join organizations with similar interests. Kune is 100% free/libre software (AGPLv3), built with free/libre tools.

Try it

See if you want to try Kune or directly use it for collaboration. is the main Kune code repository.


See the INSTALL file for instructions on how to install and run Kune in your own server. Please follow closely.


See the DEV-GUIDE file for developer information and guidelines.


See the TROUBLESHOOT file if you have problems with the installation or the development.

Copyright and Credits

See the COPYRIGHT and CREDITS files for legal info and author/contributors.

Bugs and feedback

See the BUGS file for information about current problems. You can also use for reporting feedback.