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Convert lambda expressions to CCC combinators
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Convert lambda expressions to CCC combinators and then to circuits.

See the project notes.

See instructions in test/Tests.hs.


  • GHC 7.8.2 or better
  • kure (from GitHub, not Hackage)
  • hermit (from GitHub, not Hackage)
  • hermit-extras
  • circat, for circuit specification, display, and conversion to netlists.

To try out:

  • cabal install circat and lambda-ccc (in that order)
  • In a shell, cd to lambda-ccc/test, and type make. If all works, you'll see something like the following output:

    bash-3.2$ ./test
    [starting HERMIT v0.5.0.1 on TreeTest.hs]
    % ghc TreeTest.hs -fforce-recomp -O2 -dcore-lint -fsimple-list-literals -fexpose-all-unfoldings -fplugin=LambdaCCC.Monomorphize -fplugin-opt=LambdaCCC.Monomorphize:-v0 -fplugin-opt=LambdaCCC.Monomorphize:DoTree.hss -fplugin-opt=LambdaCCC.Monomorphize:resume -fplugin-opt=LambdaCCC.Monomorphize:*: -v0
    real    0m6.098s
    user    0m5.968s
    sys 0m0.245s
    let f = \ ds -> abst (repr ds) in let f0 = \ ds -> let (a1,a'1) = repr (repr ds) in abst (repr (f a1) + repr (f a'1)) in let f1 = \ ds -> let (a1,a'1) = repr (repr ds) in abst (repr (f0 a1) + repr (f0 a'1)) in let f2 = \ eta -> let a = repr eta in abst (a * a) in let f3 = \ eta -> abst (let (a1,a'1) = repr (repr eta) in abst (f2 a1,f2 a'1)) in let f4 = \ eta -> abst (let (a1,a'1) = repr (repr eta) in abst (f3 a1,f3 a'1)) in \ x -> let (a1,a'1) = repr (let (a1,a'1) = repr (repr x) in abst (f4 a1,f4 a'1)) in repr (f1 a1) + repr (f1 a'1)
    Wrote out/sumSquare-t3.pdf
    Wrote out/sumSquare-t3.v.txt

The .v.txt file is Verilog code. Additionally the PDF will be displayed if the display code figures out how to on your system.

There are many other examples in test/TreeTest.hs. At any time, all examples but one are commented out.

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