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CoNaLa Preprocessing Scripts/Baseline

This repository contains preprocessing scripts and a baseline for the CoNaLa Code/Natural Language Challenge.

CoNaLa Preprocessing Scripts

In the preproc directory, there are a number of preprocessing/evaluation scripts that you can use to extract the data and convert it into a format that is easy to use for training models. The best way to see their usage is to take a look at the CoNaLa baseline below, but we'll first briefly describe them here.

  • perform some tokenization on the source code, etc.
  • convert the json file resulting from to source/target files used by seq2seq models
  • take a decode file outputted by the seq2seq model, and "detokenize" it to the original source code for evaluation

CoNaLa Baseline

The baseline makes a system to generate Python from English commands by training a standard neural machine translation model.

It requires a GPU machine, and uses the neural machine translation system xnmt (specifically, commit d9e227b), so first install this. Make sure you also install all the packages in the requirements-extra.txt file by running pip install -r /path/to/xnmt/requirements-extra.txt.

Also, install the requirements for this package itself by running pip install -r requirements.txt.

After you it is installed, you can run


And it should do the rest for you. Data will be downloaded to and preprocessed in the conala-corpus/ directory, and output logs and scores will be written into the results/ directory.


Baseline for the Conala: Code/Natural Language Challenge



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