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Multi config packages

Updated Jun 13, 2019

Issues related to packaging or consuming packages with multiple configurations like Debug/Release


Updated May 24, 2019

No description


Updated May 8, 2019

Ideas to improve UX

Cache redesign

Updated Apr 26, 2019

There are a few things that might be improved in the current storage/cache model:

  • short_paths in Windows is still a bit fragile and dirty. It requires to read the conanfile.short_paths for some tasks that it should be good without it
  • It doesn't implement storing more than one revision at a time

Now that we have a better model and abstraction with the Layouts, that could be leveraged for:

  • Implement revisions in cache, as the PackageCacheLayout being able to handle a RevisionList json file and resolve to folders within the package the revisions
  • Implement a in-cache short-paths approach, in which all binaries live under the same storage, but some might be shortened to boost/p1, boost/p2 or something like that.

To be researched, and discussed


Updated Apr 5, 2019

Any issue related with CI in terms of developing with conan, knowing the packages to be rebuilt and coordinating the pipeline.

Output levels, warnings and errors

Updated Jun 10, 2019

There are several users that are asking for more fine-grained information, asking for the ability to turn some warnings into errors, or selecting the output level.

refactor settings model

Updated Feb 26, 2019
  • Things to change in the setting.yml current model. Like the Visual Studio compiler issue (IDE vs compiler) or the clang on windows standard using the standard windows library (not modeled)

ConanAPI - [Whiteboard]

Updated Jun 2, 2019

Issues related to the ConanAPI border


Updated May 23, 2019

Feature of "workspaces"


Updated Mar 14, 2019

Any issue related with debugging the code of a Conan package.


Updated Jan 7, 2019

How to install conan packages system wide How to copy dependencies to user space

Conan plugins

Updated May 23, 2019

Requirements and use cases for a plugin system for Conan

No description

Graph & requirements model

Updated May 31, 2019

No description

Development flow

Updated Feb 26, 2019

Improve the development flow (conan local commands) Very related with build helpers refactor.

Build helpers (Conan 2.0)

Updated Mar 28, 2019

For Conan 2.0. Improve the build helpers in the following senses:

  • Build helpers should write a file in the configure stage (everything adjusted through the build helper including the user's overrides/adjustments). That file would be imported to be applied (even without conan) to the build process.

  • Build helpers have to be deterministic about the input settings, and any other input and Conan configuration, without trusting nor following any build system default. The default of a build system is irrelevant. Examples:

New cross building model (2.0)

Updated Feb 26, 2019

For Conan 2.0. Improve the cross build model in the following senses:

  • The current "arch_build" etc settings are not valid when building build_requires
  • BUT the input of the current machine running has to be considered like a setting value (maybe it IS a setting in the implementation) we cannot trust the platform detection.


Updated Nov 6, 2018

No description

There are two objects that are globals in Conan: one output object and one requester. It makes sense because during the same execution we want those to be consistent, we want the same output object for the code run by Conan itself and the code that is written/invoked in the recipe.

So, Conan at the very beginning of each command creates an output and a requester, and passes them to every function and object, on the other hand, we want the user to know nothing about them and keep using tools.get(...), so we need global variables unless tools is an object itself.

This projects groups all the work related to this objective.

Packages in editable mode

Updated May 3, 2019

This feature will allow Conan users to work simultaneously in several packages. We will let the user to install a package in editable mode so its changes affect to the consuming projects without the need of executing any Conan command.


  • it should work like the Python's pip install -e <working-copy>,
  • it will be used by all Conan commands working on the same cache,
  • it will affect only one full reference (i.e.: there can several editable packages for the same library with different channel)
  • it won't execute anything behind the scenes: the user should compile the library (IDE, cli,...) to get an updated .lib.

Implemented in branch

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