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cmake_paths generator

This generator is especially useful if you are using CMake based only on the find_package feature to locate the dependencies.

The cmake_paths generator creates a file named conan_paths.cmake declaring:

  • CMAKE_MODULE_PATH with the folders of the required packages, to allow CMake to locate the included cmake scripts and FindXXX.cmake files. The folder containing the conan_paths.cmake (self.install_folder when used in a recipe) is also included, so any custom file will be located too. Check :ref:`cmake_find_package_generator` generator.
  • CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH used by find_library() to locate library files (.a, .lib, .so, .dll) in your packages and find_dependency() to locate the transitive dependencies.

In the example above, the zlib/1.2.11@conan/stable package is not packaging a custom FindZLIB.cmake file, but the FindZLIB.cmake included in the CMake installation directory (/Modules) will locate the zlib library from the Conan package because of the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH used by the find_library().

If the zlib/1.2.11@conan/stable would have included a custom FindZLIB.cmake in the package root folder or any declared :ref:`self.cpp_info.builddirs <cpp_info_attributes_reference>`, it would have been located because of the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH variable.

Included as a toolchain

You can use the conan_paths.cmake as a toolchain without modifying your CMakeLists.txt file:


With CMAKE_PROJECT_<PROJECT-NAME>_INCLUDE you can specify a file to be included by the project() command. If you already have a toolchain file you can use this variable to include the conan_paths.cmake and insert your toolchain with the CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE.

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ conan install ..
$ cmake .. -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_PROJECT_helloworld_INCLUDE=build/conan_paths.cmake
$ cmake --build .

Included in your CMakeLists.txt

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ conan install ..
$ cmake .. -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ cmake --build .
.. seealso::

    Check the section :ref:`cmake_paths_generator_reference` to read more about this generator.


The CMAKE_MODULE_PATH and CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH contain the paths to the builddirs of every required package. By default the root package folder is the only declared builddirs directory. Check :ref:`cpp_info_attributes_reference`.

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