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remove clean-modified command #1378

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remove clean-modified command

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memsharded committed Jul 25, 2019
commit 3f36de9122fd2b535f5726bddf138d3185e62bbc
@@ -5,18 +5,17 @@ conan graph

.. code-block:: bash
$ conan graph [-h] {update-lock,build-order,clean-modified,lock} ...
$ conan graph [-h] {update-lock,build-order,lock} ...
Generates and manipulates lock files.

.. code-block:: text

positional arguments:
sub-command help
update-lock merge two lockfiles
build-order Returns build-order
clean-modified Clean modified
lock create a lockfile

optional arguments:
@@ -63,29 +62,6 @@ in the folder pkgb_temp) in the main lockfile:
$ conan graph update-lock release/conan.lock pkgb_temp/release/conan.lock
conan graph clean-modified

.. code-block:: bash
$ conan graph clean-modified [-h] lockfile
Cleans all "modified" flags from the given lockfile.

.. code-block:: text

positional arguments:
lockfile lockfile folder

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

When a package of a dependency graph is going to be re-built, using a given lockfile,
it is desired to finish the build knowing which packages of the graph have been
actually rebuilt as a result of the last command. This command will clean all the
previously existing "modified" flags before such build, so after the build
the "modified" are only those that have been built now.

conan graph build-order

@@ -102,15 +102,6 @@ There are 2 main entry points for lockfile information in conan commands:
generate a lockfile, but the problem with :command:`conan info -if=.` is that it does not allow to
specify a profile or settings.

- :command:`conan graph clean-modified`

When a :command:`conan create` command that uses a lockfile builds a new binary, its reference
will change. This change, typically in the form of a recipe revision and/or package revision
is updated in the lockfile and the node is marked as "modified". This :command:`clean-modified`
removes these "modified" flags from a lockfile. This operation is typically needed before starting
the build of a package in a locked graph, to know exactly which nodes have been modified by this

- :command:`conan graph update-lock`

Update the current lockfile with the information of the second lockfile. Only the nodes marked
@@ -229,27 +220,21 @@ We can now proceed iteratively with the following procedure:
$ cp release/conan.lock build_server_folder/release
$ cd build_server_folder
4. clean "modified" nodes from the lockfile

.. code:: bash
$ conan graph clean-modified release/
5. build the package
4. build the package

.. code:: bash
$ conan install <ref> --build=<ref> --lockfile=release
6. go back to the parent, update the lockfile with the changes
5. go back to the parent, update the lockfile with the changes

.. code:: bash
$ cd ..
$ conan graph update-lock release build_server_folder/release
$ rm -rf build_server_folder
7. compute again the build-order of packages, if not empty, goto 1
6. compute again the build-order of packages, if not empty, goto 1

.. code-block:: bash
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