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Conan 2.0 Tribe

During recent years Conan has been successfully adopted by many individual programmers as well as enterprise teams, and helped them all to build their applications more easily and improve their development experience. The Conan team continues to identify new features and areas of improvement based on everything we've learned in recent years.

This repository in Github will gather the proposals, substantial features and breaking changes. For example, there are several such proposals being evaluated for Conan 2.0, and even after it's release, this repository will continue to be used in the same way for future releases. This aims to be a collaborative effort among the tribe members and the development team, trying to understand the needs, the pains and the implications of every feature or breaking change.

We need to evolve Conan, but we want to do it together.


Please, bear in mind this is not the place for new feature requests, ideas, or suggestions. This place is only for important design, architectural decisions that are derived from already existing feedback and experience, and as such, they have been already matured and discussed previously.

The proposal process

We expect the Conan core development team to initiate most of them (other people starting them are welcome, but notice this repository is for substantial changes. If you are not sure it's probably better to open an issue in the Conan repository). As stated above, once those topics are mature after discussing them, they could be a part of a tribe proposal in the future.

A proposal starts with a pull-request to the design folder of this repository following the guidelines in this template.

This is the lifecycle of a proposal:

  • Fork this repo and create a pull-request with your proposal following the template in the design folder. Name the file (do not assign a number yet).

    If this is affecting only one part of the existing proposal, open the pull-request modifying that file.

  • The tribe will be notified about the new proposal or modification.

  • Discussion will be held in the pull-request itself. Use Github provided features to share your comments and concerns (suggestions, pull-requests reviews, reactions,...), or even open a pull-request to the origin branch to propose enhancements over existing commits.

  • Attention should focus on existing proposals before moving to new ones. We expect to move forward each proposal after one week if there is enough feedback, being it approved or rejected.

Ready? Have a look to existing ones here or to current ones being considered.

Tribe members

These are the people that belong to the Conan 2.0 tribe. Their votes and comments will receive special attention:

@a4z @jamesweir-tomtom @p-groarke
@akleber @jaredkeithwhite @prince-chrismc
@albaltimore @jasal82 @puetzk
@aleksa2808 @jcar87 @raplonu
@AlexandrePTJ @jmarrec @rasjani
@alexFickle @jonatin @rconde01
@AndreasHK @jpovedano @rdeterre
@barmaglot27 @jsteinhofff @rjktcby
@bjayanth @Kellya-C @rockdreamer
@bmanga @kenfred @saimusdev
@canmor @KepptnKool @sourcedelica
@climblinne @KerstinKeller @SpoofedEx
@Da-LiFe @kmaragon @steinerthomas
@Rycko1 @markushedvall @sztomi
@datalogics-kam @madebr @theodelrieu
@davidtazy @maikelvdh @Timen
@dean0x7d @mapau @Tsubashi
@detwiler @mathbunnyru @uboot
@dheater @michaelmaguire @jason-d-walter
@DoDoENT @Minimonium @wizardsd
@FabienLaurent @monsdar @yipdw
@foundry-markf @NewProggie @ytimenkov
@intelligide @ngerke @zacklj89
@ivzhh @ohanar @brinkap
@quazeeee @tonka3000 @mrjoel
@Gernatch @mpusz @ansutremel
@SpaceIm @gayanpathirage @datalogics-robb
@boussaffawalid @sanblch @raplonu
@roalter @sturmf @nguoithichkhampha
@Reg-Arvidson-Bose @Glenn-Duffy-Bose @FnGyula
@mmatrosov @setre14 @mohamedAlaaK

Special thanks to all of them for joining this effort.

Conan 2.0 is in alpha stage, it is approaching beta, and the Tribe is already large enough, so at the moment we are no longer accepting new members. For any question, please send an email to the Conan team.