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JIRA / Intercom Webhook

A Ruby-based web service to connect JIRA tickets and Intercom conversations


How it works

  1. Deploy this web service (Heroku is an easy platform)
  2. Add the newly deployed web service as a webhook in your JIRA instance (docs)
  3. Include any Intercom conversation URLs in your JIRA issue descriptions and a private note will be added on the Intercom side

This app works by:

  • Listening for jira:issue_created and jira:issue_updated events
  • Detecting Intercom links in the issue's description and in a comment body
  • Looking up the linked Intercom conversation and checking if the issue link exists
  • If not, adding a private note with a link to the JIRA issue
  • If so, and a comment was created, adding a private note with the new comment


When creating the Heroku app:

  • Set the following environment variables:
# API key for your Intercom account

# notes added by the webhook will be attributed to this user in Intercom

# hostname for your JIRA instance e.g.
  • And the following environment variables will be set automatically to random strings of characters:
# username used for HTTP Basic Auth

# password used for HTTP Basic Auth

After creating Heroku app