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Badgr UI

An Angular 2 based front end for Badgr-server. Uses TypeScript with ES6 style module loading and a webpack-based build process. This is the browser UI for badgr-server.

About the Badgr Project

Badgr was developed by Concentric Sky, starting in 2015 to serve as an open source reference implementation of the Open Badges Specification. It provides functionality to issue portable, verifiable Open Badges as well as to allow users to manage badges they have been awarded by any issuer that uses this open data standard. Since 2015, Badgr has grown to be used by hundreds of educational institutions and other people and organizations worldwide.

Install Instructions (for developers)

System-wide prerequisites (OS X):

  • node and npm: see Installing Node
  • (optional) nvm - node version manager: In order to work with multiple projects on your development environment that have diverse dependencies, you may want to have multiple versions of node installed. NVM allows you to do this. If this applies to you, consider using nvm to manage your node environments. nvm use in a project directory with a .nvmrc file will use the recommended node version. Make sure to nvm use [VERSION] the correct version before any npm install steps.

Install and configure project

  • Install and run badgr-server, the API that this application connects to.
  • Install node/npm version using nvm: nvm use && nvm install
  • Install project-specific node dependencies. npm install

Run project in your browser

Start angular in dev mode: npm start. Badgr should now be loaded in your browser. If your browser didn't start automatically, navigate to http://localhost:4200

Ensure it is communicating with the correct API (The port badgr-server is running on)

localStorage.setItem('config', JSON.stringify({api:{baseUrl:"http://localhost:8000"}}))

Run Tests

Run the test suite with npm run test:debug

Run the e2e tests with npm run e2e

Build Instructions (for deployment)


To build for production, a file must be present in src/environments/. Copy the example file, to and modify it as needed.


Build the packaged files for deployment with npm run build

Run the tests with npm run test

All files in dist constitute the build artifact.

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