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RestaurantGuide (Xamarin.Forms + Razor)

This sample is an updated version of RestaurantGuide. This version uses Xamarin.Forms and Razor cshtml templates.

Updated for iOS 9

Implemented basic Search SDK (CoreSpotlight), thanks to Larry O'Brien (all hacks are mine).

Also needed to bypass ATS so that all the restaurant URLs would work.


Basic Features

As with the old version, the text is obfuscated (since it's only a demo).





Sep-2015 - added ATS opt-out and CoreSpotlight API to iOS 9 app project

Jun-2015 - Now supports Windows Store and Windows Phone 8.1

Updated to use Xamarin.Forms.

Mar-2011 - Follow-up with native Android.

Sep-2010 - The original blog post with iOS and Windows Phone 7.