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WatchInsta (watchOS 1-style app)

Requires ClientID and RedirectUrl from instagram.com/developer added to the Constants.cs file.

A simple Apple Watch Kit demo that:

  • Logs into Instagram using OAuth (in the iPhone app), you must do this before running the watch app!
  • Downloads 5 images from your Instagram feed, and stores them in an App Group container,
  • Watch Extension connects to same App Group container to access downloaded instagram images,
  • Watch App that gets an image cached on the watch and displays it.


This sample requires the following:

Using App Groups requires configuration in the Apple iOS Provisioning site to setup an App ID and an App Group and then configuring the Entitlements.plist in Xamarin.Studio:

This is just a demonstration... a fully fledged Instagram integration would no doubt require more robust image updating code, and a better first-run experience :)

##UPDATED watchOS 3

Updated to run on latest Instagram API and watchOS 3. Nnote that it is still build as a watchOS 1-style app with the Extension running on the iPhone.


watch screenshots use Bezel courtesy of infinitapps :)