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Tasky (localized storyboard)

Updated for iOS 9 RTL support

  • in Storyboard, use Auto-Layout leading and trailing attributess (not right and left)
  • use TitleText.TextAlignment = UITextAlignment.Natural; alignment in code, not Left or Right
  • see Apple's guide for other advice eg regarding images.

Spanish and other LTR languages

You can localize all the strings used in a storyboard by creating a .strings file named the same as the storyboard (placed in relevant .lproj directory) and creating strings for each control/property, eg:


"SXg-TT-IwM.placeholder" = "nombre de la tarea";
"Pqa-aa-ury.placeholder"= "otra información de tarea";
"zwR-D9-hM1.text" = "Detalles de la tarea";
"bAM-2j-Rzw.text" = "Notas";
"NF3-h8-xmR.text" = "Completo";
"MWt-Ya-pMf.normalTitle" = "Guardar";
"IGr-pR-05L.normalTitle" = "Eliminar";

where the first part of each key is the control's Localization ID in the storyboard, and the second part is the string property to set (eg a UITextInput's placeholder property, or a UILabel's text).

Don't forget these entries in the Info.plist (for the languages you wish to support):


WARNING: Using Size Classes (Universal Storyboards)

This sample does not use Size Classes, but rather is specifically targeting iPhone in the storyboard.

If you attempt to localize a Storyboard that uses Size Classes you may run into this issue (on StackOverflow). The storyboard elements fail to be localized, and always show the base language.

The easy/hack fix is to duplicate your storyboard strings file into MainStoryboard~iphone.strings and MainStoryboard~ipad.strings

(apparently under-the-covers the universal storyboard is duplicated into ~ipad and ~iphone versions; which causes the .strings file load to fail because the filenames don't match exactly)