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Concepticon data curation

Build Status

The data underlying the Concepticon is maintained in this repository. Released versions of this data are distributed as CLDF datasets, uploaded to Zenodo from the concepticon-cldf repository

Here, you can find

Concepticon Data

  • For an overview on the status of all currently linked conceptlists, see here.
  • For information on how you can contribute to the project or profit from the data sources we offer, see here.

Data Structure

  • conceptlists/ folder contains conceptlists with links to IDs in concepticon.tsv, the lists are named after the first person who proposed them, the year of the reference publication in which we extracted them, and the number of concepts. All these three parts of information are separated by a dash. Furthermore, in cases where two lists would have an identical name, we add alphabetical letters to the lists to distinguish them. Files need to have the columns "GLOSS" (some still have "ENGLISH" instead, but this needs to be changed), additionally, most (if not all files) have a "NUMBER" field indicating the number in the reference, which is also important for ordering the entries as given in the original source. Additional columns are more or less free to the user, but we tried to be consistent.
  • conceptlists.tsv contains metadata about the lists in conceptlists/.
  • references/references.bib the bibtex file showing links to all concept lists (bibtex-key identical to the name of the conceptlist file, without file-ending. File further contains links to the references in which the conceptlists were published (references stored in the "crossref" field).
  • sources/ contains pdf-files of each conceptlist (only the list-parts, not the full publications for copyright reasons), naming is the same as for the conceptlists, but with the ending ".pdf" instead of ".tsv".
  • concepticon.tsv the backbone concept list. All concepts from individual concept lists are linked to entries in this file.
  • app/ contains data for running the JavaScript-based Concepticon lookup tool.

Norms, Ratings and Relations associated with words and concepts

Before release 3.0, this repository contained metadata linked to Concepticon concept sets. With release 3.0, this data moved to a separate (though related) project - NoRaRe. For the curation and publication workflow of NoRaRe data see

Update policy

We try to release concepticon-data (as well as the CLDF dataset and the concepticon web app) regularly at least once a year. Generally, new releases should only become more comprehensive, i.e. all data ever released should also be part of the newest release. Occasionally, though, we may have to correct an erratum, which may result in some data being removed, or changes in identifiers of objects. So whenever a link to the web app breaks or a script using the concepticon-data API throws an error, you should consult the list of errata to see, whether an error correction may be the reason for this behaviour.


pyconcepticon provides a Python package to programmatically access Concepticon data.