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bamnet commented Feb 27, 2013

Concerto 1 supported weather, so should Concerto 2. Where should we get our weather data?

@ghost ghost assigned bamnet Feb 27, 2013


kench commented Feb 27, 2013

I strongly suggest Weather Underground.


bamnet commented Feb 27, 2013

@augustf + @mikldt how can a plugin have editable config information?

If we use Wunderground, users need to configure an API key. I'm happy to make that part of the Dynamic Content upload form but that might get annoying if you're creating lots of weather-related content.


augustf commented Feb 27, 2013

I was just going to say I wouldn't really support using Weather Underground for just that reason. Yahoo has always been known for at least having an open API ( - though I can't speak to the meteorological value of any of these services, and believe they're all rubbish insofar as what the sky above me will be doing.

That said, the situation of needing an API key or other instance-specific configuration is probably inevitable these days. @mikldt I assume that we can just create some config fields on the plugin model and let the plugin read those?


bamnet commented Feb 27, 2013

Yahoo has an open API, but it's much harder to control the format of. I think I invented bailiwicks, in part, to clean up their "WeatherRSS" into a usable format.


augustf commented Feb 28, 2013

A number of weather API's seem to support JSON ( Perhaps as we're using Rails that will be a more foolproof way to go than RSS feeds that can get filled with junk we need to parse.


mikldt commented Feb 28, 2013

@bamnet: Plugins can have configuration objects as long as they are registered as plugins through the ConcertoPlugin architecture. I've just updated the wiki with instructions on how to add them, see Plugin Development, section "Adding Configuration Objects". There is also an example of this in Concerto Hardware.

If want to talk about plans for bringing the content plugins under the ConcertoPlugin umbrella, let me know.


bamnet commented Feb 28, 2013

Thanks for the updates Mike! I suspect I won't be initially that ambitious with weather but anything's possible.


bamnet commented Mar 20, 2013

Should the weather plugin be included by default?


mfrederickson commented Mar 20, 2013

I think that is/will be a very popular item and should be included by default. I know it was one of the first things I (local government) added/enabled in v1 and another user I know (K-12 school district in PA) did also.

@bamnet bamnet closed this in af4c58f Mar 20, 2013

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